Sunday, 5 February 2017

American Heritage

Bowling Green Massacre Commemoration.

Joking aside, we should take pause to realise that the majority of US citizens who voted for the Trump Gang are themselves not descended from the autochthonous population of the continent but are themselves grandchildren of migrants (Theresa Braine. 'The Real Bowling Green Massacre',   February 4, 2017):
Much is being made of the Bowling Green Massacre in Kentucky that never happened but was nonetheless highlighted by Presidential Counselor Kellyanne Conway [...] Yet a massacre actually did take place at the tip of Manhattan, though not by the nefarious “Muslim terrorists” whom Conway would have us fear. The real Bowling Green Massacre occurred in 1643 during what was known as Kieft’s War, and was perpetrated by white Christians. The Governor of New Netherlands Willem Kieft, sent European soldiers to move against two camps of refugee Natives, overriding the direction of his ruling council and the general sentiments of the colonists. The soldiers fell upon members of the Lenape Tribe with deeds that would long presage the notion of ISIS.

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