Friday, 10 February 2017

Under Trump, US Coineys Withdraw From Open Debate

The 'America First' US coin trade's interest group the ACCG now has a twitter account through which, no doubt they intend to express the degree of their intent to engage in debate with the rest of the world on how to work with other interested groups to protect the US numismatic market from infiltration by illicitly-excavated and smuggled coins. I think this screenshot just about sums up what to expect from this smug gang of six in that area:

But then:
I guess some people just cannot keep up with a discussion where unlike the passive coin fondlers, somebody actually engages with the arguments applied. That suggests that the discussant is all too aware that the arguments  themselves are weakly founded - and in actual fact are merely attention-seeking sniping.

And what a shame, this morning I was going to tweet both a question about the ACCG Code of Ethics....

Tompa  praises tribal art dealer Thomas Murray, for representing 'the interests of his trade constituents by asking some "hard questions" at Cultural Property Advisory Committee   hearings', but is seems he is unable to cope with answering any himself. Coward.

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