Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Heritage Hoikers Pilfer Norfolk Site

Artefact hunting is being reported at  Weeting Castle, Norfolk. The incident is believed to have involved seven men and to have taken place over three consecutive nights towards the end of January and beginning of February (Rebecca Murphy, '' Watton and Swaffham times, 13 February, 2017) . The police are calling for witnessesand no doubt their phone lines will be flooded by responsible metal detectorists offering leads. Interestingly, this is in Norfolk where the propagandists will tell you many years of 'liaison' has reduced the number of such incidents. This obvious and known site is a prime candidate for being a 'productive site' for artefact hunters, whether singly or working in gangs, but is protected by law from heritage pocketers. Hundreds of thousands of other prominent and known sites however all over the UK are totally unprotected and much of the heritage they contain can be pocketed and/or flogged off quite legally. Not that anybody in Bonkers Britain worries about that.

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