Thursday, 16 February 2017

PAS Karaoke Recording Explained

The PAS presented the PAStExplorers project (karaoke recorders) as a 'community contribution' at the 'Age Friendly Museums' conference held at the BM, illustrated by some twee 1970s-style cartoons. Here's theirs:

Note the fossils. Note also the statement about government commitment - the scheme now cannot work without volunteers. So, instead of archaeological liaison between finders and professional archaeologists we are getting a 'database' created on the basis of karaoke recording by students, metal detectorists and OAPs, who are offered 'structure' in their life, a social life, rehabilitation and it's all so very flexible, anything goes? What's this all about? The PAS seems to have lost allsense of its identity, once aspiring to be 'citizen science' producing academically usable data to rigorously-high standards, it has now declined to seeing itself as basically a social club for OAPs and metal detectorists. 

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