Saturday, 11 February 2017

Slimeball Grabbing Pseudo-environmentalists and Real Country-Lovers

Heritage Action are again hitting the nail on the head when it comes to the two-faced slimeballs that many detector users are, pretending to be 'concerned' about something and demanding action is taken by somebody else (anyone but them of course, typical collector-talk), and... then when somebody starts doing something suddenly do a about face when it seems it might affect their own interests ('The scourge of contaminated green waste: what YOU can do!' 11th Feb 2017).
Compare and contrast a similar App launched by the Ramblers Association. But then, ramblers are a different breed. They’re not on the land to take stuff for themselves. As for “Lets just hope that farmers don't get wind of the app” we hope they do. If you know any farmers we suggest you tell them!
Go on, troll the heritage pocketing detectorists, tell a farmer. Of course if Britain was staying in the EU there'd probably be European subsidies for British landowners to clear the contamination if the results of teh survey showed the problem was a serious enough one. But since 96% of metal detectorists voted to 'leave' (thickoes, the lot of them), the subsidies will be going to other landowners. And Britain will not have the money because they promised all those millions a day to the National Health Service and the thickoes believed them.

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Anonymous said...

"The NCMD's advice is that no member should use the App developed by Dr Gerrard to provide information without first obtaining permission from the landowner to do so"

So if he says keep quiet, they do. Or, as one of them said "What happens on the farm stays on the farm". Proof absolute of destructive oikism.

Well PAS, agree with me. Go on.

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