Thursday, 9 February 2017

'Donaeld The Unready'

The Twitter account 'Donaeld The Unready' (@donaeldunready) already has 86700 observers out there and it began just four days ago. The author describes himself as based in Lichfield and
The best medieval King out there. I'm the bretwalda. The bestwalda. I've got great swords, everyone says so. Make Mercia Great Again. Great thoughts, all my own
The author is unknown, but would seem to be very well up in Early Medieval British history. Really quite clever, Unræd here will have the sense 'poor counsel'.

The idea might have been suggested by this New York Times article by  Paul Krugman (Jan 20th 2017)

[See also:  Lee Moran, 'Trump Parody Account Tweets Like A Power-Crazed Medieval King', The Huffington Post 7th Feb 2017].

UPDATE 14.08.2017

Some several months later the identity of the author remains unknown. Because of some very obscure references to minor kingdoms and events to the east and west of Mercia, I thought he would be a historian, but in a tweet referring torecent stomach-churning neo-Nazi demonstrations in Charlottesville, 'Donaeld' tweets:
Donaeld The Unready‏ @donaeldunready 4 godz.4 godziny temu
*out of character* As an archaeologist, I'd like to remind folk what it is we do and why it's important to fund archaeology in the future. [picture of Indiana Jones punching a Nazi soldier]
This led to several attempts being made to identify him, but so far they are unsuccessful.

UPDATEUPDATE 30th November 2017

Here he is being even more archaeological:
Donaeld The Unready‏ @donaeldunready5 godz.5 godzin temu
Donaeld The Unready podał/a dalej Rescue_News
*Out of Donaeld* I'm a UK based archaeologist and this threatens my livelihood and the ability to sit in pubs and tweet rubbish in an Early Medieval manner without worrying about the bailiffs so please sign. Thanks. *back to Donaeld*
 Whoever he is, the idea and its execution are both brilliant.

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