Thursday, 23 February 2017

Treasure Find no 'Accident'

Beeston Castle
Staff reporter, 'Treasure hunter stumbles on medieval coins while using metal detector near Chester', Chester Standard, 22 February 2017 well, unless he went out with a metal detector to find sunbathing teenagers (unlikely this time of the year) or abandoned tent pegs on a campsite before the grass is cut, it's a fair bet that this bloke was out with his metal detector actively searching for precisely the type of thing he found. It was no 'accident' that treasure hunter Malcolm Shepherd, of Abergele, discovered 26 coins while using his metal detector in the Beeston area on January 28 this year. He'd driven 63 kilometres along the A55 and A51 and then some narrow country roads to target this precise search area. He'd not come there by chance.

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Anonymous said...

At least they called him a treasure hunter, which means PAS didn't get to the journo in time with their usual helpful suggestion that he should be termed "a metal detector enthusiast" (as it sounds less exploitative).

Mind you, who told the paper "Discoveries not classed as treasure after an inquest can be reclaimed by the finder"? No mention of the owner.

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