Thursday, 9 February 2017

Middle Eastern Artefacts Smuggled through Central Europe

Associated Press Hungary: Bronze antiquities found in truck date to 900 BC' February 08, 2017
('Stolen Assyrian Artifacts Recovered By Hungarian Police AINA press release') Budapest (AP) -- Hungarian police say they have finished their investigation of a trove of Persian, Sumerian and Assyrian antiquities found last year in ... Flag as irrelevant ) A group of Persian, Sumerian and Assyrian artefacts was intercepted by Hungarian police in a truck going through  Bacs-Kiskun County on September 29th last year. The police have finished their investigation and have recommended that the Turkish driver be charged with receiving stolen goods. The entire collection is estimated to be worth up to $690,000.  The truck was on its way to Lithuania via Poland. It is not clear who in Lithuania was importing these artefacts:
The artifacts, including a helmet, small bells and horse tack, were likely from the grave of a high-raking military officer from Urartu, also called the Kingdom of Van, corresponding to parts of modern Armenia and Turkey.
The smugglers' route runs mostly through the EU.

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