Saturday, 25 February 2017

Collectors Destroying Artefacts

Collectors say they collect artefacts to 'preserve' them. Here are some of the things they do:

Original surface zapped to death

No, it is not the 'corrosion' that has damaged this coin, it is the
way that corrosion was simply stripped off by some ignorant
selfish brute that has totally knackered this object

Another artefact destroyer at work

 Some dealers are not at all embarrassed to sell such trashed material:

But there is no convincing some that conservation methods have advanced a little further than Plenderleith and Werner...
electrolysis strips nothing away from a coin or artifact it simply stabilizes the metal which is in a volatile state ... If you spent 1 minute on your research you would have easily figured that out .. [...] 30 years of research and study with a IVY LEAGE University 12 museums and 100 archaeo and salvage vessels using this technology say youre wrong ... [...]  some of the most well preserved artifacts in the world are in that state because of electrolysis ...a 5000 year old process developed by primitives who apparently have more of a grasp of the scientific method than you sir
Hmm. The comment of course was unsigned, but originates from Trump's America.

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