Sunday, 5 February 2017

More Artefact Dealers Nabbed

Grrr, I wish they would not do that....
Najaf Police Directorate announced on Sunday confiscating 35 artifacts, belong to different eras, hidden inside a vehicle. The directorate said in a press statement, “The province’s police confiscated 35 different artifacts hidden inside a vehicle coming from al-Muthanna Province,” adding that, “These artifacts belong to various historic eras.” “The artifacts will be sent to the Inspectorate of Antiquities and Heritage to check whether it is original or faux,”

the photo showed not only 'fauxes' but ones looking very much like the bunch in the Abu Sayyaf 'raid' in Syria,  Barford gets excited... and then notices it says: 'Iraqi artifacts. File photo' Oh well. Anyway, there are a lot of fakes out there. Let's hope couldn't-care-less-where-it-comes-from-collectors keep buying them and losing lots and lots of money. Though they are probably so dumb, not even that will teach them.

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