Sunday 12 April 2020

"Misc Metal Detecting Finds" from UK Artefact Hunting

eBay seller lesleys_loft (744 ) from wellingborough, Northamptonshire, UK has some 'misc[ellaneous] Metal Detecting Finds he'd like to get rid of. There are no findspots, just some brief descriptions on a dealer's envelopes. Provenance:
Misc Metal Detecting Finds. Came in a case of other finds
Therefore hoiked at some time in the past, flogged off to a dealer with no mention of them being recorded, or of any documentation of findspot or protocol assigning title by the landowner - so could have been illegally obtained for all the current seller knows (or cares). Some ripped-out pieces of the past, yours for a tenner, if you can live with your conscience.

Is this an acceptable way to treat the archaeological record, given that there could be 27000 metal detectorists doing much the same? 

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