Monday 20 April 2020

UK Artefact Hunters Discuss How to Go Nighthawking Behind Closed Doors? [UPDATED]

Forest hunting looking for stuff

There are quite a lot of places, it seems, where UK artefact hunters think you can go Treasure hunting without permission to be on somebody's land, sixteen replies  (but now you have to register and log on to see where - if you are interested):
Where can you metal detect without looking into permission?
Post by Nathan94 » Mon Apr 20, 2020 4:03 pm
Might sound stupid however, Can you metal detect in the woods near say, where you live without permission, or where do YOU metal detect that doesn't require permission?
Permission to dig holes in somebody's land and take away from their property objects that don't belong to you. Well, you could try hiding among the trees in a forest, claim to be a "genuine hobbyist" so no need for any kind of permit, or simply go at night. Now we see why the forum moderators decided to make this a members-only resource.

UPDATE 21.04 2020
It seems when you can register and log on (which I did just now) there are a whole series of posts from metal detectorists who've already looked into the issue and informed the disappointed (?) initial poster that in fact in Britain, all land is owned by someone and there is nowhere that you can go without first getting permission to enter and take away artefacts. So it seems that a members-only policy can give the wrong impression. I feel that when discussing the treatment of items that are everybody's heritage, there should be no behind-doors discussions.

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