Thursday 16 April 2020

Oxford academic accuses unnamed individuals of document forgery

An Oxford academic accuses unnamed individuals of document forgery (Vikram Dodd [Police and crime correspondent], 'Oxford professor arrested on suspicion of ancient papyrus theft', Guardian Thu 16 Apr 2020):
“The allegations made against me that I have stolen, removed or sold items owned by the Egypt Exploration Society collection at the University of Oxford are entirely false,” he said. “I would never betray the trust of my colleagues and the values which I have sought to protect and uphold throughout my academic career in the way that has been alleged. I am aware that there are documents being used against me which I believe have been fabricated in a malicious attempt to harm my reputation and career.”
First fake customs declarations over those cunies (as "tiles"), then fake tax claims of Torah scrolls, and fake Dead Sea Scrolls and now an Oxford professor implicates the MoB and its associates in the creation of allegedly fake receipts intended to blacken a foreign scholar's name. What is going on with those Washington Christians ?

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