Saturday 11 April 2020

UK Metal Detecting Finds: Roman/Medieval/Post Medieval Artefacts and Coins

eBay seller " 1082_2008" (1210 ) has got two bulk lots of "Metal Detecting Finds – Roman/Medieval/Post Medieval Artefacts and Coins for sale, here and here, going for under 200 quid the two lots:
Metal Detecting Finds – Saxon/Roman/Medieval/Post Medieval Artefacts and Coins Uncleaned & Unresearched - British Found - Cambs
uncleaned, unresearched and, maybe unrecorded? This is a large collection of diagnostic artefacts, none of whom are from a known findspot sold tipped loose in a heap on a table, not individually labelled. No information which of them have protocols assigning title signed by the landowner. No mention of any export licence requirements.

This is what the finds NOT being responsibly recorded by British artefact hunters look like. Millions of them found by 27000 metal detectorists ripping up the past with archaeologists' acquiescence.

Is that acceptable?

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