Thursday 23 April 2020

Wildie Flogs off the UK's Heritage Bit by Bit: "Not in Metal Detecting for the Money", of Course.

Another UK detectorist who's "not in it fer the munny" but actually is flogging off archaeological artefacts ripped out of the ground  wildie91 (1463 Feedback score: 1463)  Newtownards, County Down, Northern Ireland is flogging off: "Metal Detecting Finds Roman Saxon Medieval Large Job Lot Bundle Nice Artefacts"- yours for £29.99 Buy it now. Now actually Wildie's a bit of a crafty one, knows the punters buying this stuff are as ignorant as a coconut, so he's mixed in a load of crap with a Roman brooch.. But there are archaeological objects. my heart leapt when I saw a polybag with writing, but it just says "Roman pin".
Nice selection of various artefacts from different time periods including medieval, roman, saxon etc. 59 items included. Found in various areas of Norfolk, England including Briston and Kings Lynn, Middleton. Condition as seen, so please see photos. Please check out my other items as I have many more to list :)
Yeah, I bet you have. Now Norfolk is where PAS claims such success, how many of Wildie's artefacts (306 on offer today, found all over UK) been PAS-recorded before he puts "lots of them" on eBay?

And these coin pendants were "found in Surrey", not the Balkans, you know. A metal detectorist says so.

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