Monday 13 April 2020

Metal Detecting Cohorts Stripping Vietnam War Sites

US dogtags on eBay from Vietnam (dkochi (17178) from somewhere in 'California;' USA):
(2) Viet-Nam War Vintage US MARINE CORPS Grunt M-1960 pat. Quang Ngai Province Field Excavated Metal Detected DOG TAGs -100% FIELD RECOVERED field excavated note: from CHU LAI (south of Phu Bai), Bong Son, Quang Ngai province SEE below handwritten note from Mr Binh Vo -purchased from Mr. Vo 2013 Hue City. I requested that metal detected field recovered tags be bagged and labeled as to their 'found' locale (2013). -metal detected either by Mr. Vo or one of his metal detecting cohorts -ALL 2013 purchased tags were all FED-EX back to CONUS by me from Hue and Danang Cities due to customs 'special tax' imposition by overzealous and greedy communist customs officials at Tan Son Nhut Airport in 2012. vintage: Vietnam War -(2) US M-1960 pattern tags -USMC enlisted formatted gas mask sizes, first/middle initals -Enlisted USMC 7 digit serial number -ALL are pre SSN format -ALL field recovered metal detected either by Mr. Vo or one of his fellow metal detector cohorts These VN tags are guaranteed 100% authentic....and pretty much represents the last of my tag collection. Get Some. see below images. -US MFG CONDITION: USED! 100% FIELD RECOVERED TAGs! -SOLD AS IS.....NO RETURNS. shipped slabbed w/ cardboard. Check out my other items! CAN COMBINE ALL SHIPPING We absolutely do NOT sell to, ship to, or do any business with Middle Eastern or communist countries.
Everything about this brazen sale is wrong. The seller admits to shipping them out in an unmarked package to avoid customs procedures (because... "communists"), that they are found by metal detecting (and gives the name of the guy doing it) and could well have been taken from bodies lying in the field. They were bought to California in 2013 and not handed over to US military authorities, but now being sold.  This guy has loads more, including one from an identified individual killed in action. Here is an article about these objects, and the pitfalls (and ethics) of buying them. There are others, it's a controversial topic.


Hougenai said...

The US Quartermaster corps has a unit tasked with the repatriation of soldiers KIA.
I found this email online and post it here in case any readers would also like to drop them a line highlighting this rather abhorrent practice of finder, vendor and auction platform.

go fuck yourself said...

1) go fuck yourself....
2) i have bought several 100's of metal detected WW2 GERMAN tags coming out of the former soviet union....many of which are KIA
3) there are many KIA artifacts on ebay on any given day.....not only dog tags
4) give them back to the US military authorities? are you stupid as you look? (YES!)
5) you know jackshit.....

Do NOT be so ignorant to think just because a person is Vietnamese, they are automatically a 'communist'.
Many many have told me about their gov't: ' not listen to what they say....but watch what they do...'. There is a level
of extremely mistrust that i have not found elsewhere in SE ASIA.
If you have never personally been there.....don't make the off-the-cuff assumptions.....meaning you are talking out of your ass.

Paul Barford said...

Well, there is nothing like a bit of polite disagreement, and that was nothing like it. I am not sure whether this is supposed to make anything OK "i have bought several 100's of metal detected WW2 GERMAN tags coming out of the former soviet union....many of which are KIA" Where is this "former Soviet Union"? These countries have names, always did have. The "communists" quote was the seller's own arrogant reason for not respecting the export conditions of the source country. That it should be possible for a buyer to export Killed in Action dogtags out of another country does not make it right. In any case, why would any decent person want to buy or own anything like that? (I say decent in the sense that I guess somebody who sends a comment to this blog under the name "go ...yourself" would never have the upbringing to understand. Probably lives in a caravan and votes Trump).

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