Friday 17 April 2020

MoB Scholars Initiative Director Shows a Redaction of A Contract...

A thought-provoking text: David Meadows, 'Dirk Obbink and Stolen P.Oxy Allegations: Some Food for Thought', Rogue Clacissist April 16th 2020. The author points out a shocking number of inconsistencies in the document provided in June 2019 by Michael Holmes Director of the Green Scholars Initiative and then the MoB Scholars Initiative (for the background to this complex story see here and here). Dr Meadows concludes:
As can be seen, it is an odd document and as far as a contract of sale goes, it seems downright bizarre. The big giveaway is the pagination. What appears to have happened was that there was some contract with Dr Obbink (he has sold other items to the Museum of the Bible) and someone has done some hamfisted cutting and pasting along the way [...] Clearly some ‘editing’ is going on, but by whom and for what purpose? [...] the document does raise major questions about whether the pages in question actually go together at all or whether they represent an amalgamation of other documents. [...] we need to know:
      who did the apparent editing of the document
      who signed the agreement on behalf of Hobby Lobby (subsidiary page 2)
      who is the ‘purchaser’ redacted on page 3
      what the other two fragments were in the purchase [...][ 
Dr Obbink has repeatedly stated documents had been fabricated. From what I’m seeing, they have …
Note that he invoice that we see says nothing about the origins of the papyrus fragments offered other than just “Egypt”. There is no export date, no prior history of ownership. Hobby Lobby seems to have bought these things anyway. No wonder they were caught out so frequently.

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