Tuesday 14 April 2020

Another UK Metal Detectorist Being Irresponsible

This seems to be becoming the norm in Lockdown Britain. From Fudge's Metal Detecting Facebook page. Irresponsible people like this are a real menace to public safety:

Metal detecting on a cricket field! Posted on You Tube by The Man With The Hat 9 Apr 2020

What actually the NCMD have forbidden is for its members to go artefact hunting while the country (including the PAS) is under lockdown. I presume the NCMD will have cancelled his membership by now, for bringing the hobby into disrepute. This "friend who run the cricket club" is the actual landowner?

We have met the detectorist Steve Auker who calls himself Man in a Hat before, mixed up with the cannabis cake affair, and then making money from selling defamatory teeshirts, not recording finds, but wanting higher Treasure ransoms.  He also features as a "wombler" (someone who hangs around supermarket car parks and fast food restaurants searching for discarded receipts which he exchanges for vouchers),  and as a contact of a nighthawk, wjhose name he's aware of but will not reveal...

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Hougenai said...

850 coins? How many reported to PAS? or how many considered by the flo as worth recording?
I did look on the database but found no nice stories about the nature and development of cricket and the casual loss of loose change.

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