Monday 20 April 2020

"Perfect Spot for an Ancient Burial Mound": Metal detecting Finland

I think detectorist "True Vikings" thinks he is funny and interesting. He looks like a typical metal detectorist to me, but this is what Treasure hunting looks like in Finland, where the Helsinki Gange/Ixelles Six are based. This is one of  a number of You Tube videos of his: Perfect Spot for an Ancient Burial Mound! - metal detecting Finland.
Posted on You Tube by True Vikings 3 Sep 2019
"In this video I am metal detecting in an area where there is high chance of finding ancient burial mounds from stone-, bronze- or iron age. This is a perfect spot for one! If you like metal detecting videos hit that Like button and if you are NEW to the channel hit that Subscribe button and join the treasure hunt! ❤   Metal Detecting Equipment used: Minelab Equinox 800 [...] Garrett Pro-Pointer [...] Silver and Gold Testing Kit [...]  Filming Equipment used: Samsung S8 [...] Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! If you want to support us, check out our Patreon Page [...]"
I can't think why anyone would want to support that kind of unsystematic removal of random objects
in such a manner from a site targeted specifically because it is a likely to be a sensitive prehistoric site (a human burial, no less). Nor why Helsinki University would be keen on promoting this kind of activity.

If you look at his other videos, you'll see he makes a habit of standing in the middle of an upland  forested areas and declaring as a fact that in the past there were no trees there and that you could see for miles and miles... one wonders which environmental archaeology textbooks he got that from. IT really upsets me to see him attacking the delicate soils of that forest in his search to grub up yet another piece of metal.  Leave it alone. Take photos and leave only footprints.

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