Wednesday 8 April 2020

Metal Detectorists Misbehaving During the CV2020 Lockdown

A new meme about artefact hunting thickoes

Sleaford Police @SleafordPolice
Sleaford officers attended to 2 males who had travelled from Grantham to go metal detecting in the Sleaford area. This not essential and isolating.
Distance: 18.3 km. When the NCMD finds out, will they throw them out of the organisation for reckless behaviour "damaging the reputation of the hobby"? But, hey, there's more of it...
James Forman @jimmy4man · 5 kwi
W odpowiedzi do @SleafordPolice i @LincsPolice
Was this in Rauceby @LincsPolice - there were two out side our house earlier today!

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Brian Mattick said...

It raises the question, who gave them permission? Either they're out for some nighthawking or they've met a farmer as socially irresponsible as them.

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