Tuesday 7 July 2020

"The Ezeldeen Taha Eldarir Collection" : One Turns up in Spain (July 2020)

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eBay Seller coleccionrelojes (157) from Ocaña, Spain, has a rather inflated idea of how much a piece of painte plaster from the Eldarir collection might be worth, he or she wants 9.500,00 EUR for this Ancient Egyptian Sandstone Polychromed fragment with a "Seba" or egyptian star.
Extremly rare piece from ancient Egypt. Important Egyptian archeology piece.
Beautifull and brightness fragment of polychromed stone showing a "Seba" or Egyptian Star from a ceilling. Originally found in Rameses II temple area, at Abydos in 1930-35. probably from an Egyptian tomb mummy.
Ca. 2050 - 1750 B. C.
A very impressive and extremely rare archeological beautiful millenary piece.
Certificate Of Authenticity (COA), Object Identification (Object ID) document, Provenence Statement and Independent Ancient Art Expert Appraisal Valuation Document will be provided to the buyer.
Originally purchased to Salahaddin Refik Sirmali in Cairo in 1940, Ex Ezeldeen Taha Eldarir collection.
From 1960-61 in a private collection on Spain till now.
Previous property history, collected from 1960-61.
Expert Appraisal Valuation Dossier is included by an independent ancient art expert.
Pre-1970 UNESCO convention.
Export license IS necessary within the European Union and United Kingdom.
Due to its value and age, is necessary by law an export permit. Seller will arrange all needed permits and paperwork to export from Spain. Exports tax Fees (7%) to add final price. It only may be placed to spanish authorities once sold as buyer details would be needed.
Sadly, I think this provenance is made up, this seller is flogging off two other Egyptian 'antiquities', a fake Sekhmet head with clear signs of angle-grinder work, and a particularly horrible fake mummy mask. These are shown in photos into which other 'egyptian antiquities' can be made out in the background to give the impression that this is an experienced collector/dealer.  I do not think the sandstone looks very convincing either, and would suggest the seller has no documentation to show that this was anywhere near the Eldarir collection, from which it was allegedly sold in the 1960s.

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