Tuesday 7 July 2020

"The Ezeldeen Taha Eldarir Collection" : Isis and the Eldarir Grandfather Collection (April 3rd 2020)

Arte Primitivo 03/04/2020

# 618. Egyptian Large Terracotta Isis-Aphrodite
Estimate: $2,500-$3,500
Current High Bid: $2,000.00
Auction Closed(Final Price) $2,000.00
Category: Antiquities
Sub Category: Egypt - Roman-Egypt
Culture or Country: Egypt.
Period: Ca. 300-30 B.C.
Size: 16-1/4”H. x 4-1/4”W.
Description: Large molded terracotta figure of Isis-Aphrodite, holding her arms to her sides, wearing a polos. Original white slip surface with painted multicolor details. Long hairdo, braids descending down the front. Some normal scattered slip losses, repaired break across her left shoulder (repaired from two pieces) and head reattached, with break lines visible, feet reattached. Some loss to the hair braids and minor losses along the break lines. Repaired break through the hips, head repaired with scattered restoration. A nice example.
Private NYC collection, brought to USA in the 1940s, to present owner by descent. “It is on August 6th, 1929. We the honorable Salahaddin Sirmali...bey sold to the honorable Ezeldeen Taha Eldarir...bey A group of ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman antiquities. Authenticated and appraised by the ancient Egyptian expert and the head of the Egyptian antiquities house: Mr. Hossen Rashed. For the amount of two thousand Egyptian pounds: A group of the goddess Isis Aphrodite antiquities. Hellenisitic period, ten painted pottery statues of the goddess...plus a lime stone shrine...inside of it a pottery staute of the goddess Isis Aphrodite.”

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