Saturday 11 July 2020

Mary and Jesus Detecting, Piously Roman

eBay seller craig20050 (14583) has quite a few metal detected finds for sale, 113 to be precise. Some are displayed on the pages of finds catalogues with prices in them - such catalogues would be good to make available to farmers looking over the finds made by metal detectorists on their land, before they say, "yeah, take the lot for a fiver". A rather thought-provoking find is this  Un Researched Roman Bronze coin Empress ? Mary and Jesus detecting (its a Theodora Pietas Romana, 337-340 AD).   PAS tells us that their proteges are all passionately interested in history, and not in the money at all. yet it is so easy just a mouse click or two away to find so many blokes like this that go out remove stuff from sites, don't even bother to look them up properly, and just flog them off. That's not a passion for history, there is no intellectual curiosity (or capacity) revealed here for actually learning about history, just a bloke out to make some money. If these are his own finds, does a man living in Pontefract, Yorkshire have a permit for searching the Thames foreshore in London with a metal detector?

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