Sunday 12 July 2020

Kids Digging Up Barnsley

Barnsley Museums announce that for the Festival of Archaeology:
we’re encouraging young archaeologists to have their own small dig at home! This film has tips to get you started: share your finds with us all week using #BarnsleyDigs Get digging! 
The question is, is this teaching archaeology or artefact hunting? A hole is dug, old objects are found and fitted to a past illustrating the documents. No mention of interpreting the soil layers encountered in the holes. But an object -centred view of the past is what one can expect from the museums. Thank goodness we have a PAS to do some real archaeological outreach, oh, wait.... er....
For this festival, can we not have jut have some vague, unfocused celebration of 'the past', but have events that put the 'ology' back into archaeology, to give the public an idea what it is about?

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