Tuesday 7 July 2020

"The Ezeldeen Taha Eldarir Collection": United by Cahn at TEFAF (7th March 2020)

Then at TEFAF 2020 two of these pieces are reunited. I'll use here a screenshot from Lynda Albertson's blog:

The Christie's sales (as well as on Lynda's blog) are mentioned here and here. The ptolemaic head can still be found on Google cache and does not look so bad from the side.   

Note the odd alteration of the name that the "American collector" will have given Mr Cahn, but it seems he thinks he knows better than the grandson how the old man's name "should have been" spelt, or perhaps he's got an idea that it might be best not to link these two items with the others... for some reason. A possibility reinforced by the disappearance of the evidence from the dealers' website. 

Hat tip, Lynda Albertson

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