Monday 6 July 2020

The Institute of Detectorists

Keith Westcott states on a metal detecting forum near you  (Mon Jul 06, 2020 2:39 pm):
 I am the Project Lead of one of the largest groups of experts, ever assembled to collectively look into the subject of metal detecting across the UK. Our Project Advisory Board of 24, with a focus in support the British Public, consists of 15 Stakeholder organisations including National Institutes and Trusts, National Museums, National Landowners organisations and Estates, we have as Observers, Government and National Agencies from England, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. We have a further Focus Group consisting of 22 Detectorists and Archaeologists. There are 3 of us in the Project Team including Dr Mike Heyworth MBE and Dr Manda Forster of DigVentures. The NCMD were invited to join our Board but, declined. [...] My own motives behind the initiative, are to celebrate not only the fantastic contribution Detectorists can make to understanding and conserving our combined heritage but, promoting the metal detector in the hands of practitioner Detectorists in support of archaeologists. I am for the recording, conservation and preservation of heritage and support all good intentions to that end.
One wonders how many times that Project Advisory Board has met and what has been established, particularly with regard funding. Dr Forster does not mention membership of this body on  her Linkdin page. All very odd. What does it mean "look into the subject of metal detecting across the UK"?

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