Monday 6 July 2020

Institute of Detectorists Looking into Insurance

Not as they seem?
Over on a dishonourable metal detecting site near you, the Institute of Detectorists is looking into The NCMD Insurance policy for Individual members » Mon Jul 06, 2020 10:10 am
Is the NCMD Insurance policy for individual members, available for landowners to see?
1st April 2020 to 31st March 2021
Insurance - Summary
Insured Activities – are those ‘authorised and recognised’ by the National Council for Metal Detecting.
Please can I ask through the perspective of landowners: Are all rallies including those requiring NCMD insurance as a prerequisite to participate, 'authorised and recognised' by the National Council for Metal Detecting? and does that effect whether individual NCMD members are insured on all rallies?
Members seem a little reluctant to discuss this with Mr Westcott... wonder why? One Saffron appeals to teh forum's moderators (Mon Jul 06, 2020 12:42 pm):
MODS do we have to put up with the same person, who seems to have ulteria [sic!] motives, repeatedly asking exactly the same question time and time again when they have been told many times by various people (including Mods) to contact the NCMD directly. Although as poster is not even a member of the NCMD, which supports the hobby and represents it on various committees, I feel they would be justified in telling him that "the information he wants is freely available to members".
(moderator: 'We are looking into it Evan [emoticon]') I think all those archaeologists that support the idea of Mr Westcott setting up an "Institute" to resolve all the problems of collection-driven exploitation of the archaeological record might like to consider the reaction of fellow detectorists to him asking a fairly simple question about current detecting practice. Also what is going on here? Is Mr Westcott really thinking about making a bid for his (still non-existent) "Institute" to take over some of the NCMD's functions (such as supplying insurance?). What is his interest in the insurance of commercial rallies? Surely any "Institute" of responsible detecting would be working to STOP destructive commercial artefact hunting rallies rather than promote better insurance for those landowners profiting from them?


Brian Mattick said...

The first problem is that if he intends the "institute" to supply insurance it will HAVE to include cover for all rally participation as if it doesn't he'll not get many members (as a high proportion of detectorists have no qualms about attending those rallies which are shambolic, expensive and damaging.)

The second problem is that the archaeologists who have said they're supportive of the institute will back peddle pretty hard if they hear it is providing insurance and therefore succour for rallies which are so shambolic, expensive, and damaging that even NCMD doesn't support them!

What to do? Don't offer insurance for yobbish rallies and not get many recruits or sell insurance for yobbish rallies and get no archaeological support?

Paul Barford said...

My feeling is that when the IoD is represented by Mr Westcott to archaeologists it is not as a commercial looting facilitator, which is why we should be grateful to the Dishonourable Detectorist's Forum MDF for exposing the whole enterprise for what it is.

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