Tuesday 7 July 2020

"The Ezeldeen Taha Eldarir Collection": Hiding the Dead Grandfather's Eyes (2019)

In her own two-day trawl through the material sold in recent years that was claimed to be from Omar Eldarir's grandtathers collection, Lynda Albertson found a couple I had missed or not paid attention to.

I missed the significance of the sale of a "pair of Ancient Egyptian Bronze Eyes" through Trocadero via Mark Goodstein at Explorer Ancient Art  Staten Island, NY 10306. It is a shame because I did not get a screenshot in time. The link is now disabled, it seems Mark Goodstein (Explorer Ancient Art) is not so keen to stand by the original statement that this was from a specific old collection. Why? I assume he saw documentation and checked it before he put them in his stock, so what's the problem? These eyes are the same as figured (lot 498) in an Arte Primitivo sale of 16 September 2019, just down the road in New York.

Hat tip: Lynda Albertson, thanks for screenshot

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