Thursday 23 July 2020

Ted Fletcher Raising Money to "Tell the Truth": Meanwhile HA Do it for Nothing as a Public Service.

From the FID website from September 2007:
news and views from …. HERITAGE FICTION
Greetings … Ted Fletcher passing on to you a page from an organization calling itself Heritage Action which describes its web site as “ a rallying point for anyone who feels that society is deaf to the threats to heritage places, especially the most threatened of all, our most ancient sites.”

I hope to launch a similar internet site dedicated to countering the propaganda put out by Heritage Action; and ensuring that the media, politicians, tax payers, landowners, farmers and anyone thinking of taking up metal detecting as a hobby, have easy access to the true facts about the heritage industry.

Those who run Heritage Action are totally dedicated to the destruction of the metal detecting hobby. They cannot be deflected from that task by appeasement ... by cow-towing ... by keeping a low profile. The only way to beat them is to hit hard with the facts they do not want excavated and brought to the attention of the media.

I can do that ... but not without help from you with the costs of research, which involves travel to and from archives, as well as laborious searches of archaeological records and journals over many, many years.

If this subject matters to you ... if the propaganda put out by Heritage Action worries you, please complete the following and reply to me at once: (COPY AND PASTE IN YOUR EMAIL)
Your name:
Company / Organization:
Ted ............ I/We want to help you in this struggle to counter Heritage Action propaganda.
I/We pledge £ .......... as a one-year contribution to the costs of getting Heritage Fiction up-and-running.


Please return signed pledge to Ted Fletcher ....
Since then, Heritage Action has been managing to get its truth out there for the past thirteen years, but Mr Fletcher's website seems to have not yet materialised.

There is quite a lot of it, and still no real answer from "the detectorists and the PAS". Wonder why? The evidence is there plain to see. 

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