Thursday 23 July 2020

NCMD Information Update "Responsible Detecting?, No Fanks"

"The National Council for Metal Detecting
is a representative body of elected volunteers
formed in 1981 to provide a means whereby
responsible metal detector users would have a
democratic forum to discuss problems affecting
the hobby and to provide an authoritative voice to
counter ill -informed and frequently misleading
criticism of the hobby. It does not represent the
trade or archaeological interests"

NCMD Information Update
"An extraordinary General Meeting of the NCMD was held recently to consider five issues postponed from the intended AGM in June due to the covid 19 situation.
The following was agreed.
Kevin Gorman was appointed General Secretary.
Current Executive officers will remain in their post until the next AGM.
The Treasurers report and accounts for 2019/20 were approved.
An invitation from the Institute of Detectorists to join their advisory group was declined.
The NCMD were pleased to award Honorary Presidency to John Wells, of the Midland Region, and Life Membership respectively to Steve Critchley in recognition of their valued services to the NCMD over many years. Many congratulations to both."
So, if the IoD is being touted as a way forward for responsible artefact hunting, why would the NCMD, of all groups, not want to represent its members' interests on its advisory board? Too much work and involving too much cooperation I guess. The NCMD just likes blocking initiatives. They wish they were still in the 1980s.  One of the criticisms of the hobby (well-founded) is that it is just such a body that is considered "an authoritative voice". It has outlived its usefulness and does nothing useful for the hobby, or for the rest of us.

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