Monday 19 April 2021

Bonkers Britain: Archaeologists Fight over Understanding "Metal Detecting"


I spent a long weekend out of Warsaw and come back to find that in my absence this has been going on in a thread about commercial artefact hunting rallies and detector permits. One presumes that this tweet is answering an archaeologist, but the person addressed has blocked me so I can't see which one on that thread it was (W odpowiedzi do @WDHUK1 @mutteringmadam i 9 innych użytkowników):

I take it from the reference to "unprofessional" behaviour that this was a heritage professional. Why is it that every discussion of artefact hunting in any other country has archaeologists (both professionals and amateurs) in agreement against it, in the UK archaeologists fall out over it ? [serious question]. The difference is the existence of the divisive Portable Antiquities Scheme.

Vignette; Professional greed.

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