Tuesday 27 April 2021

UK Detectorists: Give Them an Inch, They Want a Mile (still breaking Covid Rules)

UK artefact hoiker breaks Covid rules, misuses firm's business account and puts locals at risk to attend LGD artefact grabfest:

Dean Tyrrell 2 h
Question for you guys. Anyone stayed local over night somewhere before last weekends dig at Gloucester? I’ve gone to book a local hotel and Covid rules state no rooms allowed for leisure use until 17th May.

Clint Dennis
dont get that just book it dont reply to all there stupid rules buisiness people still using them

Mick King
Premier Inn’s your best bet. I use them still when working away.

Rob William
Get technical with them, who’s to say this isn’t a business trip?

Dean Tyrrell • 36 m
All sorted ! Thanks guys. My company has a premier business account

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