Thursday 8 April 2021

Irresponsible UK Artefact Hunters Deliberately Destroy Archaeological Record to go 'Pay-to-Dig' Hoiking

Over in Shropshire:

We Dig Heritage @WDHUK1 · 3 g.
Very concerning a Commercial Metal Detecting Rallies Business is running a 50+ persons Rally in Shropshire this weekend.

This is reportedly "Nobal [sic] Detecting", run by Cai Anthony, and it seems that in order to create optimal conditions for rtefact hunting on a field that's already been 'done over' before, the landowner is going the extra mile for them (probably reflected in ticket money and attendance).

What has happened here is that members feel that 'the best Roman field we've ever done' at Frodesley, Shropshire, has had most of the finds already in the ploughsoil taken away by other artefact hunters, leaving it depleted, so in order to give paying searchers something more to find the farmer hasd deep ploughed into deeper layers to bring stuff up tho the surface, and then rolled it so that the nice flat surface will be easier to search deeper. This is just irresponsible and reprehensible commercially-incentivised archaeological destruction. Nothing else. 

And from that commercial exploitation in the past, the PAS database has just eight records from the years 2010-20COIN (5)BROOCH (2)STRAP END (1)... and from that 'Best Ever Roman Field' and every other field in the parish, just THREE Roman finds have been reported. Let us therefore again add the adjective  'irresponsible' on that account too to what has been going on here. 


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