Friday 2 April 2021

Deepest Essex Hoikers Show their Real Colours and want to STOP the "Responsible Rot"

  Facebook: "Braintree Matal Detecting Club Open Ralleys"

Public Group, 641 members

None of whom apparently has spotted the two spelling mistakes in the group's name. Six hundred of them with metal detectors pocketing bits of the past. 
But this caught my eye. Alongside the spelling, this really sets the tone:
Ronald Bennett Administrator 1Sg ·
Please share this in other Detecting Groups to show we don't support this IOD Licensing scam in our hobby
This refers to the Institute of Detectorists, this will exist as a body organising detectorists whose interests are focused around heritage and conservation and will attempt to build bridges between archaeologists and detectorists, promoting best practice based on archaeological principles and values to responsible detectorists. It is intended to create a national educational programme for all detectorists to encourage them to adopt best practice in responsible detecting for public benefit. As such, as with any attempt to produce an actual definition of the highly nebulous (and therefore meaningless) notion of what is "responsible metal detecting", you can find this opposition to this organisation now cropping up all over the tekkie social media. The NCMD is against them. A coin dealer is suspicious of them too. The PAS seems to support them. This should get interesting. 

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