Wednesday 14 April 2021

Tring Trio: More of UK's Looters Caught At It [UPDATED]


These people were caught by security cameras in private woodland, metal detecting without permission. One of these blokes let his missus come along to carry the grub and their spade.

Here are the contact details:

Update 15th April 2021

We Dig Heritage @WDHUK1 6 g.
We published pictures yesterday of illegal metal detecting on our Facebook page. Comments we have had, claimed pictures were faked to damage MD, threats like "sniches are found in ditches" or 'it's not a crime"!

Do follow down all the comments below the original post, attention is drawn to "these people don't represent metal detectorists" and then look at the sentiments expressed by the large number that apparently do.  

 says he can't see a problem as it is woodland.  

Ian Mcallister  says "It is broad daylight not night and did the words of any sign up saying no trespassing" while Bruno Costa  reckons: "it don’t need a sign saying it’s private land. You are supposed to guess it!!! Don’t you know! People can’t even have a hobbie and go clean the woodlands (as it’s what they do most) pick up some beer cans and some scrap metal, that’s pose the risk of being a use of theft and invasion of private property and what not. Get a grip people and worry about the real criminals, pedophiles ruling this country..."

The individuals have now been identified and the police are dealing with them.


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