Tuesday 13 April 2021

Oo' needs an Institute?


       Tekkie tinfoil cap time ...      

Baz Thugwit had a few problems at school, couldn't quite get his head round all these words, you see. So he's resentful and suspicious of those who can. Here's a UK metal detectorists aggressively explaining why it's only "stupid" people that support the creation by metal detector user Keith Westcott of a responsibility-enhancing Institute of Detectorists:

Unknown said...
He's just seen away to make him self money just another con artist. I think we pay far to much to go on digs as it is especially when your out all day and find noyhing. The other thing I'd say is if he was supplying us with all the equipment then he could get away with it but he's an other gob shit trying get his sticky fingers in the market to fill his own pockets. These con men are all the same. I bet he rips old people of with their pensions for a living and phone scams. Cause that's how he comes over a con man wanting to find a get rich quick scheme
As for how "Unknown" comes over... A metal detectorist who wants somebody to buy a metal detector for him?  


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