Tuesday 20 April 2021

Lack of Respect Possibly Why Many Detectorists Have No Access to Land and Have to go on Pay-to-Dig Events

Fresh developments from the Facebook page of the generally untraansparent Let's go Digging Commercial Pay-to-Dig company after a debacle of a dig on Sunday. Spelling and punctuation as in original (honest):

Important group announcement
Their [sic] are going to be some very big changes to the club as of now, Firstly LGD group is now closed for the foreseeable future for anyone joining this Facebook group, We are also reducing the amount of members we allow on each event, If you are in this group you just made it because it won’t be opening back up for new people to find and join as we feel we have enough already in the group at the moment [...] we will be closing membership at the end of May so from 1st June if you haven’t joined you won’t be able to attend events until Jan 1st 2022 when new membership starts LGD are looking at taking on around 10 more admins as of now for anyone who has been with us a while and can attend at least 2 events per month feel free to contact me, you must be prepared to travel Their are a number of reasons for closing the group to new ppl joining and also becoming members only, firstly so we know exactly who is on our events and so we can hold full contact details for everyone who attend the rallies, also so we can make sure LGD members abide by LGD rules when on our events, We are going to be restricting events and be very tough on members for the sake of the club and it’s members, We will be only opening a set number of fields at a time so every field has enough admin to be able to monitor holes and gates etc, please be warned anyone seen leaving a bad hole by admin or other members on our events will be removed from the club and permanently banned no questions asked, if a number of other members see you leaving bad holes not filled back in and inform admin we will take action, On all events if you open a gate close it properly simple, caught leaving gates open after yourself will also be a ban, dropping litter on our farms or seen leaving any rubbish is also an instant ban Goes without saying not showing finds is a ban, These things are simple to abide by and things you are expected to abide by being an LGD member and attending our events, Myself and Joanne are seriously disappointed today after losing all of the Gloucester permissions in 1 foul [sic] swoop, All the good farms gone,

Your behaviour on our events is paramount to us getting more farms and recommendations to other farms, unfortunately we have lots who dig a hole and walk off if no one is watching, We have some who throw beer cans in hedges or in fields, leave gates open, climb fences instead of using gates, It’s these members we want to catch and remove from the club, This is your club and it can only be as successful as you members make it, you fill your holes in well and remove litter, close gates I can keep farms coming and keep us digging in different areas, you disrespect one event and you can as has happened far too many times now lose the club that farm and future farms in that area, We have in the past lost some of our best farms due to diggers taking the piss [sic] and disrespecting the club, it’s members and our farmers, 5 more farms we have just lost for litter, gates, holes, ruts left in grass, beer cans thrown in hedges, LGD have to take some more responsibility fit this and have, We to hold bigger events need more admin, This allows us to give more land and most importantly the more members we allow the more we can pay our farms, 
We need to take action immediately and can’t carry on letting people lose this club land, You’ve had some of the best areas in the country and hugely successful digs and lost the club those farms, Theirs [sic] only so much we can do as organisers the rest is down to you lot, So you will unfortunately see the next 2 Gloucester events cancelled and have to bare [sic] with me while I now set up new events that are not already in crop, Pissed off ain’t the word, Those who respect this club and farms will be rewarded with nice events in lots new areas, those who take the piss [sic] will be banned, This club will become smaller and fine tuned to everyone of our members respecting our digs and farms, we want you full members to let admin know if you see other members doing any of the above , let admin deal with it, Don’t let them lose us the farms, We will make it impossible for people to do the above by having smaller events, more admin, only set fields open at certain times so they can be checked before we allow other fields to be open, This is not the way we wanted to run this club but due to too many taking the piss [sic] you’ve left us no option, We will make the events great for those who do follow the rules and get rid of those who take the piss [sic], Enough is enough to many farms now lost because of idiots, Please expect fewer events moving forward for a while as we reduce numbers to manage the events this reduces the amount paid to farmers by at least half and makes it even harder to gain land then already is, We will have to set up a full members only group if things carry on so we can lock it down to club members only (This is so club information stays within the clubs members only), Truly disappointed once again and hate having to bring negativity to this club AGAIN.

Note, "filling in yer 'oles", "Frow away yer rubbish proper" and "shut th' gates" are the key notions contained in the NCMD "Code of Conduct". It could be an idea to notify the NCMD of LGD members thrown out of the group for not doing these things, and let them be thrown out of the NCMD too to show it means business. 

As for beer cans in the hedges, it's a surprise to learn that they allow alcohol on site during such events. Do the landowners know? This could seriously affect the third party insurance cover that must be part of the assurances given before any contract concerning access is signed.


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Brian Mattick said...

"anything you find under £3000 is yours without having to split with farmers" ...

What sort of clientele did he think he'd attract with that? If you advertise for money-chasing oiks you get oiks, it's an immutable law of marketing.

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