Friday 2 April 2021

Information Sought About Knowledge-Thieving Metal Detector Users Damaging Protected Sites

Information is sought by police about knowledge-thieving metal detector users. Not only are they stealing archaeological evidence and disrupting sites, the area these creeps chose to do this is protected by law.
On seeing this, as it habitual, all over the UK, metal detector users, artefact hunters, treasure seekers will all protest that the people that did this are "not real metal detectorists". 

Beats me why so few British archaeologists have the intellectual guts to point out that whether it is done on a site on legally-accessible land, or on land that is not legally accessible the archaeological damage done by blind but selective hoiking of archaeological evidence is precisely the same. This is not cutesy "boundary-work" (Brodie 2020), this is sheer utter failure of British heritagew "professionals" to properly engage with the public and clearly communicate archaeological values. It is also pathetic.

Neil Brodie 2020, 'What is this thing called the PAS? Metal detecting entanglements in England and Wales', Revista d'Arqueologia de Ponent 30, 85-100 (doi 10.21001/rap.2020.30.4.

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