Friday 23 April 2021

Is UK Detecting Going to the Dinosaurs?

A video concrning "Spring Detectival" (now to be held near Henley-on-Thames in June 2021 made by a “Rob Random” is in trouble for incorporating a fragment of the 1993 film Jurassic park (988880 ) likening herds of artefact hunters to the herds of Velociraptors apparently without licensing the footage. The video seems to have been taken down. Andy Brockman asks:

With the video now facing extinction [at least on YouTube] archaeologists and metal detectorists might ponder another related question. With the results of the consultation on amendments to the Treasure Act due and a growing unease about the impact of unregulated metal detecting rallies on unrecorded archaeology, are commercial rallies like Detectival themselves about to go the way of the the Velociraptor, the Brachiosaur and Jurassic Park’s unfortunate corporate lawyer who tries to take shelter from a T-Rex in a Portaloo? Are the hoard-hunting herds too about to become extinct, living on only in electronic form in re-runs of Mackenzie Crook’s “Detectorists”?
It's either that, or the extinction of most of the accessible archaeological record.  

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