Friday 2 April 2021

Not a Good Look for British Metal Detecting


Look at how a proposal to set up an Institute of Detectorists promoting best practice is met in the artefact-hunting community. This is not an isolated incident, UK tekkie social media are full of this. Not a good look. 

There is no way these clowns are going to self-regulate their "hobby" in England and Wales. The whole thing needs a rethink. 

In any case, Mr McNamara should be willing to admit, many British metal detectorists already do pay to access land. And more farmers should be charging, a lot more, for the privilege. Mr McNamara seems to think he should be entitled to wander onto somebody's property to fill their pockets with collectables, for free. 

As I understand it (and McNarmarna apparently does not), if the IoD gets going, nobody will be "charged to go metal detecting", they will be charged to become an (Institute-) accredited metal detector user. If artefact hunters can find rally organisers and landowners that will still let non-accredited metal detectorists on their land, then nobody's paying for anything. If however landowners decide (it is their land) that they'll only allow accredited searchers on ther land, then detectorists have a choice whether to get the papers and go there, or keep looking for a landowner that is not so bothered. Easy.


Unknown said...

How can u be so stupid with only one head

Paul Barford said...

[I presume there is a question mark at the end of that "sentence"]

I don't suppose you'd like to enlarge on that point, would you?

The whole reason why for the past 24 years metal detecting has the freedoms it does in the UK is the MYTH that it can be done "responsibly" and sustainably and that's what "responsible detectorists" want. Anything that detectorists do that show that this is not, in fact, what they in general want is a shot in their own foot.

I rather think it's the metal detectorists who are not using their heads here.

Unknown said...

He's just seen away to make him self money just another con artist .I think we pay far to much to go on digs as it is especially when your out all day and find noyhing .The other thing I'd say is if he was supplying us with all the equipment then he could get away with it but he's an other gob shit trying get his sticky fingers in the market to fill his own pockets. These con men are all the same. I bet he rips old people of with their pensions for s living and phone scams. Cause that's how he comes over a con man wanting to find a get rich quick scheme

Paul Barford said...

Are you the same "unknown" as the previous one? Or another one? It actually determines who the "he" is here, McNamara, myself, or some other "he". Try (a) writing proper English and (b) putting your own name on your own words. Both would help us see what you are on about.

Paul Barford said...

And if you mean Keith Westcott, what a coward you are coming out with such accusations and not having the balls to put your own true name under them.

"seen a way", "himself", "too much", "you're", "nothing", "another", "gob shite", mixed metaphor, "off", "Because". We also use commas in written English.

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