Sunday 11 April 2021

UK Artefact Hunting: Reopening the Artefact Looting Businesses

Greedy tekkie trampling on the
other stakeholders as he makes
 off with the cash (Clipart Panda)

True to earlier form, the Naysaying Council for Metal Detecting in the UK has concentrated its advice on the money-making branch of the heritage looting industry. Somehow we seem to have lost the narrative about people passionately interested in saving the past for everybody, that has now morphed into one of greedy individuals wanting to organise commercial looting artefaqct grabfests for a profit. Mindful of this clientele (and the money they themselves make from encouraging as many people as possible to go on these organized events that make NCMD membership one of the conditions), the "Council" provides new advice for the commercial event organiser further to the last communication from the end of March that I commented on previously:
England – updated event guidance from 12 April
9th April 2021


The Government has updated advice on outdoor events in England. This means those event organisers following the guidance laid out below can now go ahead with events from the 12th April. 
SOURCE: reopening-businesses-and-venues

Further detailed information for event organisers can be obtained via the official source of covid event guidance at eventsindustryforum . You need to register to access the guides, but registration is free.
So as noted earlier, this is an official admission by the NCMD that metal detecting in the UK is a business like any other. Note not a single NCMD reference yet to the PAS and recording finds from any kind of metal detecting in England and Wales in 2021. It's now all about the money.

Not a good image of this exploitive hobby.

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