Sunday 11 April 2021

In UK, Nobody Prepared to Stand up to Commercial Looting of Archaeological Record.

British heritage professionals
 (I use the term loosely)
 on commercial looting.

"The government says no organised Metal Detecting Digs in current guidance. Yet 5 commercial rally business are running them every day in the coming week. How is this responsible detecting?" Ask We Dig Heritage. So far nobody has answered the question, hence we may be justified in thinking that nobody thinks it is "responsible artefact hunting". So what is anybody, anybody at all in the UK doing about it?

Yet British heritage professionals, the same ones, will take public money to set up projects, finance conferences, foreign study trips, international collaboration, organise 'training' for brown-skinned colleagues, get satellite photos to survey damage done by looting in hot countries half way round the world. They'll do all that, spend thousands doing it... and yet not say "boo" to a local metal detectorist doing exactly the same thing in Britain.    
How scared are they of real-live, breathing, white-skinned commercial artefact looters in Britain and why? How unimportant do they really see the looting problem, unless it is done in a hot country where they can get grant money? 

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