Monday, 28 June 2021

Five people arrested Near Erbil, "for stealing ancient holy books"

They are taking over, spreading out of Turkey now... Dilan Sirwan, 'Five people arrested in Sulaimani for stealing ancient holy books' Rudaw 28.06.2021.

Sulaimani’s internal security forces (Asayish) arrested a group of five people suspected of stealing ancient holy books worth tens of thousands of dollars, it said on Monday. According to the statement from Asayish, a copy of which was sent to Rudaw, the five people smuggled a Bible and a Torah from southern Iraq into the city of Sulaimani, and were planning to smuggle it out of the Kurdistan Region. The books are believed to be thousands of years old, made of animal skin and written in gold ink, it added. Video published by Asayish show the stolen books, with Christian symbols seen on the Bible and gems on the Torah. On Friday, Baghdad’s Anti-Crime Directorate announced the arrest of four suspects for stealing an antique Jewish book from Iraq’s national museum.

Well, that's interesting that Golden Brownies are turning up now so far from Turkey. Co-operation between  smugglers, or friendly collaboration betweenh security services?


David Knell said...

I love that the image of the Virgin Mary (bottom right) in a book purportedly "thousands of years old" has been copied from a coloured print that screams late 19th or 20th century. You'd think that fakers trying to pass off this rubbish as "ancient holy books" would at least take the trouble to copy something a bit earlier.

I suppose these bits of tat may be aimed at extremely ignorant buyers - or their frequent and highly-publicised 'discoveries' may be part of a coordinated political campaign to discredit minority cultures in that region as bizarre or evil cults. The latter ploy of hinting at an 'enemy within' is always sure to stoke up popular support for a potential totalitarian regime.

Paul Barford said...

"a coloured print that screams late 19th or 20th century" and above all Roman Catholic. The scene is the BVM as the 'Handmaiden of the Lord' at the annunciation, she's shown in many annunciation scenes making this gesture. So it's the corresponding image to the 'Hail Mary, full of Grace...' incantation.
Looking at the picture and the crude drawings and this image, I'd not be surprised to learn that it's a pasted-in print.

We've both written on these, I must say, I'd love to be able to peel back the layers to know why the makers of these things obviously think this deep brown is the colour these things should be.

I wonder if there are any of these golden Brownies in the West so we could see a whole one? But if the sellers actually are asking a "million dollars", I sincerely hope that nobody bought one.

David Knell said...

> "I'd not be surprised to learn that it's a pasted-in print."

I think you may well be right. I'm probably giving the fakers of this crude rubbish too much credit.

They do seem to have an obsession with coating everything in deep brown gloop and then spicing it up with cheap gold paint. Perhaps there was a sale on at their local equivalent of Walmart.

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