Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Metal Detecting Forum Near You Hiding, Hiding More Hiding

Something tells us that the UK and European Metal Detecting Forum really is not at all happy about coming clean about what actually is happening to the common archaeological heritage at the hands of its 27000 despoiling members. So first of all they hide the threads from you, leaving just the first post (text, no pictures). Now they are even censoring the first post so you cannot see what their particular brand of "responsible detecting" looks like> So, unless you've found a way to get round their information-block, or register, this is what you see:
Metal Detecting Thames - Company Post by no23uk » Mon Jun 28, 2021 7:28 pm
Hi All My name is Damian I'm Polish, I walking with metal detecting for a couple of last months mainly on Thames foreshore, I'm just wondering maybe …login to view the rest of this post
Probably going to be some sparkling conversation there, like how difficult is was getting the permit and sticking to its provisions, no?

Anyway, since most of its members loudly proclaimed that they wanted "out of Europe" and voted in the referendum to leave, why on earth does this British forum not Brexit and just call itself the "Great British Metal Detecting Forum". As Britain is doing with EU nationals in the UK, the MDF to be consequent to the beliefs of its members, could make them reapply and answer perhaps some questions to show they "belong" among the isolationist Brits. Like "what is wrong with this picture"? And how many of the "Britain uber alles" patriots of tekkiedom answer that?  

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Brian Mattick said...

Coming over here taking our artefacts ...

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