Wednesday 2 June 2021

Thick both sides of the Channel

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Je vois que des associations de détection font leur communication sur l'abrogation d'un arrêté préfectoral interdisant la détection dans la Somme, bizarrement elles ne parlent pas du nouvel arrêté  que l'on peut trouver ici. PS, le code du patrimoine s'applique partout sur le territoire, même quand il n'y a aucun arrêté préfectoral spécifique... visiblement ce n'est pas bien compris par les détectoristes qui suivent ces associations sur les réseaux sociaux.
 Vignette: What's French for "thick as two short planks"? 


John H said...

Just so there's no confusion, this comes courtesy of John Howland (Detecting and Collecting Blog).

Publishing posts in French? You pretentious, boorish, EU prat. You need to get out more.

Philip said...

'You need to get out more', but presumably only somewhere where English is spoken... don't you just know that Mr Howland is one of those Brits whose technique with non-English speakers is to shout, loudly, in English, until the stupid foreigner gets it... and to be so proud of his ignorance! It would be funny if it weren't so depressing...

John H said...

Abide by your own 'Guideline 7'. I take it 'Philip' is Mattick's brother! And you'll be going for a pint with him when you're next in England? Ha ha ha. Guffaw, guffaw, guffaw. You really do need to get out more and mix with real people.

You're still a pretentious EU prat and those two comments prove it. QED. (That's Latin by the way. Thought I'd better explain it, what with you being Secondary Modern educated, and I guess not up to scratch for the Common Entrance exam unlike some of us).

John Howland
(Detecting and Collecting)

John H said...

Aha! So, you ain't got the guts to print my last reply, eh? Try strapping a length of 4"x2" to your might give you some editorial backbone.

French? Yeah, most Secondary Schools taught it. You're welcome to this pisspoor blog of yours. Unsurprisingly, it's badly written, poorly laid out, editorially flawed, and full of misprints. I'm afraid you haven't got a clue. As for your readers, are they all 'Matticks'?

Take a look any Tekkie blog, mine included, and you'll learn how it should be done. A term at night school might bring you up to scratch.

In the meantime, you really need to get out more.

John Howland
(Detecting and Collecting Blog)

Paul Barford said...

"courtesy", you say, Mr Howland?

Anyone wanting additional information on what detectorists are like direct from their own mouths, I would direct them to have a long hard look at Mr Howland's blog.

John H said...

Many thanks for the re-directions.

Paul Barford said...

Perfectly on topic, "thick both sides of the Channel".

The Howland "blog" and Howland-behaviour do not put a very good light on either UK "detecting"/detectorists or "collecting". So that's perfectly in line with the underlying theses of this blog.

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