Wednesday, 30 June 2021

No Shake Up at the BM, Then?

              Imperial loot              

Charlotte Higgins on former Chancellor George Osborne’s appointment as chair of the British Museum trustees ( How did Osborne, king of cuts, become the British Museum’s fundraiser-in-chief?', Guardian Tue 29 Jun 2021)
His appointment [...] relates to a narrow understanding of what sort of person might be qualified to undertake a major cultural trusteeship; the actual reality of so doing [..] and a kind of institutional conservatism that can overtake a group of people, though they may be individually progressive.[...] On it goes. It is tentacular, incestuous. It is also, complicatedly, public-spirited; no one is forcing these wealthy people to volunteer their energies to public organisations. There is some poetic justice in the fact that Osborne will be judged on his ability to raise millions of pounds, perhaps hundreds of millions, for the British Museum. Between gritted teeth, and for the museum’s sake, I suppose I hope he manages it.

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