Friday 18 June 2021

Passionately Interested in the PASt, What a UK Detectorist Knows/Thinks About Archaeology

"Treasures of the World"

I was quite tickled by this comment some "Unknown" sent to a post I wrote on a commercial artefact hunting rally (17 June 2021 at 10:18). Spelling, verb use and punctuation, or lack of them, as in original:

Unknown said...
Who's screwing who they charge the farmer exorbitant sums of monies to check out land for a reservoir or a few bits of pot unearthed including food and lodgings for an odd boundary n pot fragments! They use the unemployed free of charge to most of the donkey work, so who's skimming who? In the name of archeology they get voluntary help by those who gagging to get on a dig ... all no cost labour. And vullshit prices to find mostly zip the Detecting Hobby gives up their time free or charge to the farmer they make the Archological system look weak, because, we contribute more than any Acheolog8st dig has in 40 years. You nothing but robbing piss takers in the worst way... your attitude alone will show you that people will no longer contribute to your knowledge of our history by not declaring, because not only do you take the piss financially the museum system takes too long to sort out finds lost missing finds upto 7 years gone by items sold to museums without the finderz or landowners being told. The list is huge under staffed n over paid .... your great finds would not be so great but for detectorists unearthing them your contribution is minimal compared to ours the real treasures of the world
Basically, I think if you are going to pontificate on archaeology, perhaps it would create a better impression to actually learn how to spell it. This is why the PAS approach, based on the idea of educating artefact hunters in "Best practice" is as doomed to failure now as it was 25 years ago. Yet the PAS still keep stubbornly trying.

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