Friday, 18 June 2021

The Invisible 'Siliqua Hoard'


Going through old auction records, as one does, I came across a very odd thing. This one cites public records of dugup artefacts, that... uh... don't seem to be public records of dugup heritage. Who is at fault here? An auctioneer claiming the PAS has him covered, when they don't, or the PAS claiming to have "so-many-artefacts in our database", when they are in fact invisible records? Anyway, let's see if the DENO FLO can explain without sending me down to ask Bloomsbury again:

Od: Paul Barford [mailto:***.pl]
Wysłano: 17 June 2021 15:49
Do: 'meg***.org' Temat: Re: mysterious siliqua hoard turns up in saleroom
Dear Dr King,
I hope you can help by retrieving some details from the PAS database. This hoard was sold by Hansons in February, and they claim it was all properly recorded by the PAS
3 late Roman Silver Siliquae discovered as a small hoard. Recorded on the PAS database as: DENO-A950E9, DENO-5617D6 & DENO-55E976; Treasure case no. 2019 T419”.
But searching the database for siliquae of this period recorded by DENO, and again under those specific numbers, does not bring up any information about this material. Did Hansons make this up? Or is the database faulty? Or are they for some reason hidden (why)?
If the records really exist, what can you tell us about this hoard, in which county was it found? Were there really just these three coins?
Can you tell me, who made these records and when? For what reason is a hoard recorded as three individual records? Thanks for your help
Paul Barford
A look at the three coins together provokes puzzlement seeing three coins with different corrosion, why actually is it asserted that they were fouund together in the same burial enviornment over 2000 years if they were recorded separately? Presumably if it got a Treasure number, it is the PAS that calls this a hoard, not just a bit of dealer's sales spiel. If the objects are Treasure, has the Treasure process been finished so quickly that within a few months these items were on sale, and sold? What's going on here?

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