Monday, 14 June 2021

'Detectival 2021': Bringing the Metal Detecting Together, making Money from Trashing the Past

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 for any future field survey of this region

Another 'Detectival' commercial artefact grabfest took place near Henley on Thames last weekend. Interestingly, most participants were noting that the number of finds was well down on previous year - funny that, if hundreds of tekkies hoover the same sites and same fields several years running, that there should be "less" finds there each time, and not "more", eh? Anyway, Norfolk Button Boy a man with a permanent scowl it seems and with a love for plastering his name everywhere (flags, finds box etc)  has made a film that rather drags out - particularly the selfie scenes, but give a good picture of the whole thing. There was some gold found and he seems happy. There were 27 fields available, 1000's of acres, around 500 detectorists. Each paying lottsa-quid into the pockets of the organiser. 

A post on social media shows that although the PAS stayed away from this purely commercial looting, there was at least one dealer  present (Dixon, Noonan and Webb: "we had a great time at Detectival! [...] We brought along artefacts and coins from the last sale to exhibit in the show case"). 

flogging off the PASt

Just to show participants, if they'd had doubts earlier, how much money they can make from the hobby. 


Brian Mattick said...

Until PAS acknowledged that recording finds at such events was "problematic" and stopped attending, there were occasions when a PAS table was next to a dealer's table. I wonder which table was more embarrassed?

Not that that embarrassing juxtaposition doesn't persist away from rallies - PAS pleads for finds to be brought to them after the rally while the Treasure Hunting mags each have more than a dozen adverts offering to buy stuff.

Unknown said...

Who's screwing who they charge the farmer exorbitant sums of monies to check out land for a reservoir or a few bits of pot unearthed including food and lodgings for an odd boundary n pot fragments ! They use the unemployed free of charge to most of the donkey work , so who's skimming who ? In the name of archeology they get voluntary help by those who gagging to get on a dig ... all no cost labour. And vullshit prices to find mostly zip the Detecting Hobby gives up their time free or charge to the farmer they make the Archological system look weak , because,we contribute more than any Acheolog8st dig has in 40 years . You nothing but robbing piss takers in the worst way ... your attitude alone will show you that people will no longer contribute to your knowledge of our history by not declaring ,because not only do you take the piss financially the museum system takes too long to sort out finds lost missing finds upto 7 years gone by items sold to museums without the finderz or landowners being told . The list is huge under staffed n over paid .... your great finds would not be so great but for detectorists unearthing them your contribution is minimal compared to ours the real treasures of the world

Paul Barford said...

Why are you writing like that? And if you can't work out how a Google Account works, "Unknown", why not put your name at the bottom of your comment? Simple to do, makes the context of writing clear.

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