Tuesday, 29 June 2021

There are ways of looking after excavated metal artefacts and there are "metal detectorists' ways" of trashing excavated metal artefacts


From a metal detecting forum near the PAS, but I doubt they'll be posting anything or contacting the  forum readers who think this is great or even in any way acceptable

I would never ever tumble my goods coins but glad I tried my grots
Post by stubbie » Sat Jun 26, 2021 10:42 pm
Hi all have been debating whether to get a tumbler to try and clean my grots And the coins you could hardly see any detail on. I know, they say don't clean Your coins but these were well gone, and got say early signs are good. As you can see from the pictures, have only done few but I am well pleased how some Have turned out yes there were a lot that were blank and yes you lose the patina But I found a Jetton in there Plus a faint William and Mary Farthing should be interesting to see what else is in there I have a few poor Roman coins but I am too scared to try them I used 2mm to 4mm fish tank grit for 2 hours Would appreciate what your thoughts are 
I suspect he might not appreciate the thoughts of anyone who actually knows how to treat excavated metal items. People like this should not be allowed anywhere near the licence they exercise and entitlement they obviously feel just to selfishly trash the archaeological record and historical environment for a cheap thrill.


Unknown said...

Get a grip on yourself man..

Paul Barford said...


Hougenai said...

Perhaps Unknown should consider their own advice.

(Before someone suggests otherwise I'm not an Englishman abroad (Poland))

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